"Jet Set"
Design: Static Aesthetic
Photographer: Ilya Ivanov
Address: Serbia, Belgrade

Jet Set is a new bar created by Maxim Orlov and Peter Radzikhovsky.
The format of the bar is a hall with velvet curtains, a stage, live music, as well as places behind a large bar for cocktail performances.

For this project, we made: a bar counter, sofas, curtains, tables, wall panels, sinks in bathrooms, handrails for stairs, and stations for waiters.
Materials used in the project: bubinga veneer, oak solid wood, stainless steel, velvet fabric, tinted mirror, painted MDF.
Contact us
Russia: +7 923 239 69 42
Serbia: +381 621 435 762
Email: Tesktura.buro@gmail.com