"OVO Bistro"
Design project: Static Aesthetic
Photo: Ilya Ivanov
Adres: Serbia, Belgrade

"OVO Bistro" is a new bistro in Belgrade, created by Maxim Orlov and Petr Radzikhovsky. The restaurant is located in a historic building, which was once the home of a Serbian politician from the 19th century. The interior design was developed by the Static Aesthetic bureau. Chef Nikita Andreev offers a menu featuring beloved European dishes with a focus on Italian and French cuisine, incorporating seasonal and Serbian ingredients.
For this project, a staircase, sofa, tables, bar island, bar counter, doors, and sinks in the toilets were custom-made. In addition to the bespoke furniture, our team provided a complete set of ready-made furniture items, as well as decorative elements.
The materials used in the project include natural white and red marble, oak veneer in oil, solid oak, stainless steel, and powder-coated metal.
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